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April 27, 2007


Robert Gagnon

I lived in Dalian for a year with my Chinese wife and stepdaughter in '04-'05. I taught Oral English in a primary school and business schools.

From that experience I don't think that Hollywood has much to offer China that it doesn't already have. The same can be said for Microsoft and a few other American industrial giants.

Your article is right on the money in my humble opinion.



It's funny, isn't it, how many foreign companies show up in China thinking that just because they have something to offer people elsewhere, the Chinese will want them too?

Most companies and industries learn this lesson, and either pack up and leave, or adjust to the new rule sets and use their collective intelligence to figure out a way to be of service.

With disturbingly few exceptions (Warners, Discovery), Hollywood has yet to figure that out.


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