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November 08, 2007


Richard Ford

You'd have thought that the stuff ups in Atlanta (I still remember trying to use "push" technology back then with PointCast) would be enough. That and the fact that pretty much most of the people building, designing, managing all aspects of the Beijing games were plucked right from the Sydney games, for obvious reasons.

So how is it, that with a legacy of excellence with all the Aussies involved and then the history of stuff ups with Atlanta and to a lesser degree Athens, that in spite of all the window dressing going up (re: Liang Ma Qiao Street and the glass exo-skeletons being put down over the old buildings in a bid to avoid being "chai'd" - that such an obvious and fundamental issue could be so poorly mismanaged. Especially given that an online mess up will reach a larger audience and cause more embarrassment than any beggar or Jian Bing salesman on the street.

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