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January 15, 2008


David Oliver

I just saw a report on CNBC quoting Steve Jobs as saying that there have been no ongoing discussions with China Mobile. He says that a single China Mobile exec flew to the U.S. to meet Apple once only. I wonder ...

Kevin Prest

You say "CU knoweth not GPRS", but that's simply not true. GPRS is available on China Unicom's GSM network in all major cities (a quick Google search brings up this article, saying that GPRS was available in 259 cities as of December and further expansion was planned: ), and the company also offers EDGE services in many areas. Unicom are also a lot keener on the Western/Japanese style "subsidise the handsets to lock users in to long contracts" business model than China Mobile, so Apple's revenue-sharing model isn't as large a step for them.

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