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January 16, 2008



I also have China Unicom, and have had no luck getting GPRS to work (in Nanjing), despite trying any and all settings I find on the internet and from CU... ugh, guess I will have to go China Mobile and let everyone know I have a new number if I want mobile data service...

Florian Pihs

Had the same problem with my China Web Analytics blog on Typepad ( I decided to move it to which comes with my own domain and its quickblogcast service. ( Based on Moveable Type I get a basic blogging service incl. my own domain for less than I pay for my Typepad account, which seems reasonable. It took about 3 hours to set it up including importing all posts and comments. I am still figuring our how to get rid of the ads placed on my blog but otherwise I am quite happy. Other bloggers seem quite with Hope that helps.

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