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April 18, 2008


Ronald McD

Wendi was a big China executive at News Corp. in Beijing before she married Rupert. In fact, she was very involved with the internet business at an early date for News in China and was behind the creation of a web site that pre-dated Sohu, Sina and Netease. She has always been a big part of the business and not a bored housewife. She has been active in many business dealings since the marriage. I can't believe you are discrediting her work with your borderline misogynist rant.

Some Valleywag gossip showing the connection between Wendi and David:

Ronald McD

I guess it also helps, too, if the husband of one of your partners is the Chairman of MGM.

Ronald Lanier Young

If these esteemed ladies launch their film production company, I would be very happy to enter into a co-venture trilogy project with them with my screenplay, Beyond The Eagle with my new production company, Young Entertainment Productions, LLC. I think we could make the world set back and notice with awe. Ziyi, yes I am a big fan and you would be perfect to play Melea, the female lead in this high-concept action/war/sci-fi genre original story. Installment 2, the prequel would feature Melea as the principal character. Please visit my site at:

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