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July 30, 2008


David Oliver

If I were a copyright holder then now would be the time to go after Youku. Given that all the DVD shops have stopped openly displaying the latest movies during the Olympics its obvious that the government doesn't want China to be seen as a bastion for piracy at the moment. Helping some journalists write a story about how Chinese people don't need to buy DVD's anymore because they can watch everything on Youku would likely force the government to do something.

I also wonder how many of their users come from overseas. Last week in HK an American friend of mine was showing me all the movies and TV series he watches on Youku, it seems that a lot of his non-Chinese reading friends can also navigate the site easily enough.

BTW, the Wanda cinema is promoting Batman. We plan to go to see it next week. Definitely a movie I would prefer to see on the big screen rather than a DVD or Youku.

dan (looking for Attorney?) Summers

That is a problem over there. If you need any help you might want to check this out.

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