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September 16, 2008



"I know where I'd draw the line, but I recognize that others prefer a more flexible approach."

None more so than Chinese businesses themselves, I would suggest. But in their case it's a question of drawing a line that demonstrates to foreign partners/customers/investors what morally upstanding organisations they are. In this sense, where a Chinese comany draws the line bears the same relation to practice as China's constitution does to freedom of expression.

Great blog, btw. Came here via Imagethief.


Stuart -fair point. Taking it up another level, China's route to soft power is not about forcing the world to adopt a neo-Confucian mindset, but in demonstrating that the country, its businesses, its organizations, and its people stand for and live by values that others find admirable. Living by a set of ethical practices that you follow because they suit you at the time is the wrong path. But they will never learn that if the big noses show up and abandon their standards at the airport.

Thanks for the comment and the feedback. Welcome to the Hutong.

Felipe Albertao

How exactly is this different from You Tube hosting copyrighted content?

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