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February 10, 2009



Great point David. As someone who got hit in the face by a flying fragment of a firecracker while buying fruit last night, I have very little sympathy for the way fireworks are handled in China.

I believe that there will be a way to balance the wonder and spectacle of CNY fireworks display. I think the best way to handle this is to seriously tax the crap out of fireworks.

Fireworks are a public good (and nuisance). If only Pan Siyi can afford a really expensive firecracker, he'd be the only one to buy it. But when he sets it off, everybody can see and hear it. So even though a laobaixin can't afford it, they can still enjoy the spectacle and noise of it. If adequately priced, you will have less of the random guy throwing a line of roman candles in your face, but still have the starbursts in the sky, where they belong.

However, the right to set off fireworks really is no right at all. You are very much correct that they are inherently destructive and dangerous.


I think China should focus more on the implementation level of its rules and policy...

Chris Carr

Took your advice. Drove by this burned out hulk today. Amazing.

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