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May 21, 2009


Robert Ness

The draw of the notion of convergence is how easier and more productive our lives would be if we can store, access, and manipulate all our crap from one device, anytime we want. But that runs counter to the fact that the apps that people want the most, and are most willing to pay for, are for entertainment. I figure convergence is not the reason people pay for anything.


"I'm geeky because I have consumer goods!"


If you can't survive with one phone/PDA and one laptop you're simply an inefficient fool with too much money and poor purchasing decisions who is wasting way too much time on device maintanance/data (de)duplication/learning and not enough respect for your own security (how many of those devices have passwords stored or typed on them?)


X, as I noted in the post, "after constant trial-and-error, this is the system that makes me more productive and keeps the information I need close at hand."

Your readiness to pronounce me "an inefficient fool" without even asking why what I do for a living (and where and how I have to do it) might necessitate such "duplication" suggests that you subscribe to a common fallacy: you believe because a solution works for you, it should work for everyone else.

That is precisely the kind of thinking that gets many information technology professionals (and makers of foreign policy) into deep trouble.

One more thing: if you wish to comment on this blog in the future, please do so with a real identity. A man who carries four handheld devices and two laptops might well be an inefficient fool, but a man who is afraid to sign his name to what he writes is undoubtedly a craven blowhard.

Happy New Year,


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