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June 05, 2009



You know, China encourages internet use in Net Cafes, it gives the government a much better "grasp" on public opinion.


The Zeebo is bound to fail, I stake my reputation as an internet nobody on it. It simply doesn't make sense, which is what you'd expect when a bunch of suits decide to 'fix' the problems with traditional gaming. Their claim that it will solve piracy is laughable - there's no shortage of piracy in the mobile world, and given China's reputation for unauthorized duplication...

The Zeebo corporate site is full of similar lies and silly statements, which I went over a while ago:

You touched on some of the reasons to expect failure in your previous post, but I'd have to say that, as a bottom line, it doesn't pay to charge more for last year's experience.


Datongli, China does encourage Internet use in Net Cafes, but I would say the motives are a tad more nuanced than you suggest. Given that the government has the power to monitor online opinion from any computer, it matters little where the monitoring is done. I think what you meant to suggest was that Net Cafes, despite whatever shortcomings they have, offer a far wider chunk of the population access to the Internet than would be the case if they relied solely on their home, work, or school accounts.

Regardless, as a parent who has actually spent some time in an Internet cafe, I don't want my kid anywhere near those places, and I don't think I'm alone. I'd rather have him conducting his online business from somewhere where I can have a better "grasp" of what he is doing.


NFG, I gotta agree. I like the people at Qualcomm, but this whole thing reeks of an idea baked up in a conference room on Moorehouse Drive in Solana Beach, rather than the streets of Beijing, Rio, or Mumbai. I'd bet the idea looked great on a power point, but for a whole lot of reasons, this sucker is doomed.

Robert Whittle

I really can't see this taking off. Most homes are going to invest in a PC before they invest in a games console. Looking at the specs of the Zeebo I suspect that even the most basic PC with an integrated graphics card would be able to handle more intensive games. Then there is the question of the games. I don't know how much the games would be for the Zeebo, but I'm pretty sure that it wont be able to compete with pirate PC games available at the local market or downloadable for free via P2P networks! Parents aren't going to invest in this product to get their children out of netbars, they will invest in a PC because it does more for not much of a premium.

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