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June 01, 2009


Felipe Albertao

Excellent post!

I am Brazilian, and I remember reading about Zeebo a few months ago. The company that developed this console is called Tectoy, best known for introducing Sega consoles to the Brazilian market in the 90s, such as Mega Drive and Master System.

It is hard to believe, but turns out these old consoles are still selling today. Tectoy actually released various stripped-down iterations of those old consoles targeting different niches. My guess is that Tectoy developed Zeebo with those niches in mind.

My point is, for this target market, Zeebo might represent an upgraded experience rather than a downgraded one.

Adam Daniel Mezei


I wasn't aware of the severity of the interference from the girders in typical (Soviet-era?) Chinese dwellings. I'd have thought there was more interference from the signal-overload and the semi-decent cellular infrastructure in certain parts of the bigger Chinese cities...

Are your conversations frequently cut-off, for example, as a result?

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