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August 27, 2009



Some comments:

If Air China controls Cathay, what happens to all of Cathay/Dragonair's bilateral air rights? I would think that other nations would balk at essentially unlimited 5th freedom for CA through HKG unless similar rights were offered for their national airlines - not likely.

In support of your theory, there is a reason why KA is starting flights to Guangzhou and I don't think they mean to compete with the through train for O-D traffic.

Finally, I would note that CA simply hasn't ordered enough wide body aircraft to meet demand if o'seas travel by Chinese really starts to take off. This is why carriers like KAL see China as their second market, as they can fly ppl to Seoul from all over China and up guage to their 20+ fleet of 747s for onward flights to Europe and N. America. KAL arguably has a better hub than Beijing or Narita now that they have opened the new terminal and are far ahead of the disaster that is Narita (no 24 hr operations). The inflight product is also arguably a lot better than PRC and US carriers (and many European carriers as well).

Adam Daniel Mezei

Then there's that KAL safety record to contend with, do you square that?

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