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January 27, 2010



As a Volvo owner, I'll be watching the Geely buyout with interest. I love Volvos because they are boring, low key, unflashy and because they think of safety features that I would never even have thought about. Until recently they had an unspoken Scandinavian Lutheran vibe about them, and they felt overengineered, just to be on the safe side. My impression of Chinese cars has been that they are just the opposite: that they are all 'face', built on the cheap, look flashy but cut corners, and with that Chinese expectation of 'it may break but you can fix it with cheap parts'. I also suspect that many Volvo owners are like me, worthy greeny do-gooder types, who would feel uncomfortable driving a car if it were associated with PRC credentials. It would take a lot of winning over by Geely, with some demonstration of real commitment to things like safety and the environment, not just anodyne phrases about maintaining the Volvo tradition.

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