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February 22, 2010


Adam Daniel Mezei

I welcome the Short Game, D. It's not that people don't like your posts, but I'm sure you realize most who diligently cover the English-language Chinese blogosphere finger pick -- Caligula-like -- from a representative appetizing smorgasbord of different entries and if your post doesn't immediately fit into their pre-screened "appropriate" length or facility, they won't make time for it. Full stop. It's sad, but in our time-compressed world this is the way most people read their feed. I've got friends who keep 600+ feeds in their reader. I don't know why, but this is a point-and-click universe, alas.

I'll miss the temporary absence of your more scholarly posts which use more elaborate descriptions, florid language, and meaty book links, but it'll take some of the pressure off you too, relieving you of the need to really take a good hack at the ball (sometimes hoofing it over the fence for the round-tripper) with each at-bat, rather than putting "la pelota" into play. That's really where the good stuff happens -- just think of Charlie Hustle instead of Reggie.

The Short Game will keep people returning more regularly and will give you more Google juice as well, which is a nifty side benefit. I think Mr. Moss is onto something here.

Don't you?

Only thing I ask is this: Can we please resurrect History Fridays?

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